Intro to Dragon Fist Series   The dragon fist series is one of my oldest game series and has always been close to my heart. The last game: Dragon Fist 3, was made 6 years ago and I still get more emails about it than any other game I have made. I don't have any stats for it, because I don't know if any way of collecting stats existed back then. But I suspect it may have been my biggest game to date.   Dragon Fist 3D   A 1v1 fighting game in the style of Mortal Kombat, street fighter etc. Themed around chinese kung fu cinema   We have tried to make it more realistic fighting, and more accessible to players than normal.   Features:  

    • 17 Playable Characters
    • 9 fighting styles
    • A special move for each character
    • Character editor
    • Full 3D engine with different camera effects etc
    • Potential for microtransactions, a facebook version, mobile versions


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