Maple Story: Captain Latanica

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Maple Story: Captain Latanica

You must fight against Captain Latanica armed with your throwing ninja stars!
In this new Maple Story simulator, the fight extends to Captain Latanica and his
possies, Selki Jr. and Mr. Anchor.
They're not there just to get in your way though! You must use the skill Avenger to
get rid of them or else they'll heal the boss!

Press Z to throw 3 stars at once!
Press X to throw a huge star that goes through up to 6 enemies!
And to double all the stars use Shadow Partner with the S key!
Is the character not fast enough for you? Press A to get a speed boost!
The keys are the usual platformer keys - Spacebar to jump and the Arrow keys to move around.

Once you have defeated Captain Latanica, use the trainer for cheats and the star changer to change your stars!
To access these press 1 for the trainer and 2 for the star changer.


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